There is only one thing about me you really need to know. In my opinion, there is nothing in the world more important than being skinny…And good sush can help with that!

  1. Senor A. Boy says:

    I like Poke!

  2. brendan weitz says:

    this needs a “like” button.

  3. long island sushi says:

    correction: there is no great neck east high school. just great neck north and great neck south. you’re not a long island sushette!

  4. NJ says:

    Don’t forget about the rich high schools in Jersey….can’t leave out Livingston, Millburn, Tenafly, and Dwight Englewood.

  5. yo its... says:

    Bitches from tenafly need their own class of sushi, like grade A. Doesnt get better. Maybe alpine girls if they’ve got the 4 car garage house ;P

  6. Alyssa says:

    Dear whoever is in charge of this blog,

    I am a current resident (and have been for my entire life) of Long Island, and I must say you are so accurate with this web page that I read the whole thing with my mouth wide open (no pun intended being that I’m a long Island chick). Regardless, you are a genius. I don’t know who you are but I am your biggest fan. I don’t think you could have depicted the concept of a jappy chick even better. I went to SUNY Buffalo, and I could see why you didn’t include it on the list (I mean, it’s SUNY) but we had tons of those girls. Anyways, like yourself I spend time trying to get to the root of these chicks and created a character based upon these types of girls…it’s called Ask a Long Island Girl. The sketch went pretty viral in SUNY Buffalo where I created it, but 2 years post-grad I started making some sketches again. Here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDVTj0yvwfU

    • libbydabomb says:

      I live in Chicago and we got JAPs and sushettes here as well. I went to two colleges: Illinois Institute of Tech (tons of North Shore and out of state sushettes at that school) and University of Illinois at Chicago (not so many, but there were a small handful, though there were wayyyyy more Hipsters, that’s for a different website!) so they are all over the place and yes, this website does a good job and explaining the who’s where’s when’s and why’s. Thank you!

  7. Lindsay says:


  8. AS says:

    I think you should add “I can’t” and/or “I die” as #100

  9. Jess says:

    this site is hilarious and amazing…just wanted to point out one thing…as an alum of Great Neck (and the sushi 12!) just wanted to say, there is no great neck east. it’s great neck south or great neck north!
    keep up with the hysterical posts!!!

  10. POProx says:

    You should list camps that sushettes go to, sushi 12 of summer camps

  11. JAPrince Sushi says:

    Great site girles! <3 keep it up!

  12. Sushiboston says:

    What do Sushi’s drive?!

  13. aaron says:


  14. Teezy says:


  15. Upacalypse says:


  16. nowsingle says:

    I just want to let you know how much this website has helped me. I’m a sushbro who just graduated and is working in NYC. Kept my girlfriend for most of the year who is a senior now. We just broke up and I was feeling pretty down. Then I found this website. It made me feel a lot better. Can’t be stuck with the college gf. Need to find myself a yummy sushi girl in nyc. ex-gf’s loss

  17. jerseysushette says:

    Tenafly, Demarest, Dwight Englewood, Millburn and Livingston = Jersey Breading Grounds for Sushis.

  18. I personally, could not agree more. In order to stay slim my and my best gfs had sushi this evening and we like gin so that works too. werq it gurl. “drankin gin and juice”

  19. nina says:

    how do u think that the most important thing in the world is being skinny?
    are u serious or just kidding?

  20. Ron W says:

    Duuuuude u have 2 publish a book!!! My bros and I are obSESSED wit SUSHI!!!

    ps I work at Goldman asshole

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